Ticket reservation

Starting from August 17, 2019, the tickets of the Qiao family Courtyard will be implemented with a new fare policy:

1. The all-ticket price of RMB 115 yuan per person, and a half price of RMB 58 yuan per person; Tour guide explanation fee: Telephone: 0354-3831421

2. Opening time: summer 08:00-18:45 winter 08:30-17:00

3. Incoming process:

      A. After the online payment is successful, the buyer will receive the payment to confirm the message.

      B. Enter the ticket counter on the ticket counter of the ticket office, and collect the tickets with the id and SMS. (ticket contents: tourist name + id number + mobile number + booking number + booking visit date)

4. Preferential policies:

      A. The scenic spot will offer A half-price preferential treatment for the aged 60 to 65 with valid certificates;

      B. to under 6 years old (including 6 years of age) or children under the height of 1.2 meters (1.2 m), the disabled, the serviceman, revolutionary disable armyman, press, county teacher certification, 65 years of age or older to be free.

      C. Please purchase on site for the half of the ticket. This website only presells adult full-price tickets

      D. Please purchase on site for the half ticket. This website only presells adult full-price tickets

5. Change rule: tickets can be booked within 7 days in advance. The date of the ticket is valid on the day of the travel date. If the payment is effective, it is not refundable.

6. Tips: tickets only include scenic spots. Other payment items: on-site payment will be explained in the scenic spot.

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