Qiao's Grand Courtyard

        Shanxi, the land of the abundant, underground energy. Today, the world is also attracted to the world with a large number of traditional residential buildings. These exquisite and well-preserved houses, with their eternal truths, look forward to our interpretation of the history of the three jin dynasties, and look forward to our interpretation of the glorious history of jin merchants.

        The wisdom and weariness of the Chinese nation created the lofty walls, the stately palaces, the beautiful gardens and the various houses. These houses have their own unique living life. "Beijing has the Forbidden City, xi 'an has terracotta warriors, and qi county has thousands of homes," said zheng xiaoxie, a renowned architecture expert. China's famous historical and cultural city -- qi county's residence, the song, yuan, Ming, qing dynasty, the south of the Yangtze river delta, the most famous of which is the qiao family compound.

        The qiaojia great courtyard is a folk museum in the beautiful and rich jinzhong basin, which is a collection of historical features of jinshang, which reflects the characteristics of the Ming and qing dynasties. Scenic area in the process of development, recovery, form a new pattern of tourism: "four hall of a garden", the total area of more than 24000 square meters, is a central scroll, dexing hall and hall, NingShouTang, yuan garden, fully displaying jstars courtyard history style, elegant style, exquisite carving art, simplicity of folk customs.

        Qiao's "in the middle school", is the qing dynasty famous commercial financial capitalist qiao zhiyong's house. Established in the qing dynasty, it has a history of more than 200 years and is well preserved. It has a long history and a profound culture. It covers an area of 10,642 square meters, has six large courtyards, 20 small courtyard houses, 313 houses, a double "xi" type, is a closed castle style building. Are connected to the courtyard houses and cohesion, court, a brick, a wood stone reflects the superb architectural skill, is a concentrated reflection our country northern dwellings in the qing dynasty architectural style of grand group, has the very high architectural aesthetics and living folk custom research value, by experts as "northern dwellings in the qing dynasty a pearl in the history of architecture". In 1985, the people's government of qi county established the qixian folk museum in the location of the house of qiao family, and opened to the public in 1986.

        Under the principle of "scientific protection and reasonable repair", the original historical features of the house of qiao family were restored, and the original site was restored to dexing hall, ningshoutang, baoyuan hall and garden. The "dexing hall" is a "longevity" word structure with five large courtyards, eight small courts and 159 houses. "Ning shoutong" and "bao yutang" have seven large courtyards, 13 small courts and 259 houses. "Garden" pavilion, tai, Lou, pavilion, style primitive.

        Building library from 1986 to now, the early jstars courtyard constantly blaze new trails, under the premise of the protection of traditional folk culture, by stimulating compound traditional culture connotation and the potential resources advantages, to "show the latter compound, jin merchants spirit" as the main line, highlight the characteristics of the local folk, from adding compound art, culture and interesting aspects, such as content of the show ten series: farming practices, age season makes life, living custom, etiquette, business customs, folk art, rich furnishings and jstars history, yangko drama, special exhibition, truly reflect the image in the area during the Ming and qing dynasties shanxi folk customs and folk culture. Library collection of cultural relics, including calligraphy, painting, Ming and qing dynasties porcelain, bronzes, pottery, bamboo, wood, treasure, stone, currency, jade, topaz, and the silk embroideries etc., which exhibits "rhino hope's", "nine dragon lantern", "ten thousand" is a rare treasures, is particularly captivating.

        The qiaojia courtyard is characterized by the exquisite architectural pattern, the inheritance of folk culture and the charm of the spirit of jinshang, which shows the characteristics of the courtyard and obtains good social and economic benefits. Opening in more than 20 years, attracts a lot of the cast, "raise the red lantern", "ChangJinYuan Banks", "miss zhao four and zhang xueliang", "jstars courtyard" and so on more than 40 movies in the shooting. The house of qiao family has been published by the state council as a state key cultural relic protection unit, which is published by the state administration of cultural heritage as the national second level museum. It has been rated as the national "AAAAA" class tourism scenic spot, the national excellent wenbo unit, the ten best tourist attractions in Shanxi Province, AAA enterprise of quality grade, 10 cultural brands of Shanxi Province, etc.

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