Travel routes:


1. The tourists from Beijing, tianjin and shijiazhuang will arrive at high speed in jinzhong - qiao family courtyard

2. Tourists from Inner Mongolia, datong and xinzhou have been exported from the small shop of taiyuan to the high speed -208 national road - qiao family compound

3. The tourists from henan, jincheng and changzhi have gone too long. The high speed of the jinzhong -qiao family courtyard has been reached at a high speed and the highway has been traveling at a high speed from the yulan exit to the high speed 108 national highway.

4. Tourists from shaanxi, yuncheng and linfen will take the highway to the highway of qixian and get to the highway

(by air, by train)

1. Tourists arriving by plane (or train) to taiyuan will be able to take the bus from taiyuan (taiyuan - qi county) to the scenic area of qiao jia.

2. Tourists arriving at qixian by train can get to qixian bus station.

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